Other Development

Other Development
 1. The organization shall do the needful in working together for the allocation of funds, grants and financial assistance primarily for the government/ public sector, as well as from the private      sector. The funds which are received from the government from time to time should be merely utilized for the implementation.
 2. Arranging cultural functions like dance-drama, theatre, etc and games both indoor and outdoor, gymnastics, yoga-bayam, body-building and other physical and cultural activities for the      entertainment and benefit of members and local people, encouraging healthy living and livelihood.
 3. To organize, establish and set up food processing units NIRMALA SAMAJ KALYAN SANGSTHA, rural technology centre, etc.
 4. To promote and undertake the programmes/ projects of Agricultural coastal area development, socio-economic cultures, Animal Resource Development, Agro Forestry, Irrigation facilities, etc.
 5. To organize and set-up the Day School up to class viii, Educational Institute Residential School and Hostel for boys and girls in the country and set up old age home, day Care Centre, Creech      Programme, N.F.E. Centre, Early Child Education, Orphanage home, Child Welfare home and Deaf& Dump home without any profit making motive.
 6. To arrange for seminar/ workshop on Horticulture, Animal Husbandry etc. for the sake of all round agricultural development and trading in rural India among the farmers.
 7. To arrange family planning, different kinds of training for the children welfare and for women development.
 8. To implement the development programme for S.C, S.T, O.B.C, and all backward classes people.
 9. To do all rural development of common people and minorities development i.e. education, health, socio-economic and cultural development for implementation by NIRMALA SAMAJ KALYAN      SANGSTHA.
 10.To protect consumer interest.
 11.To organize eye-operation camp, blood donation camps, dental camps and such other camps which are needful for the public with the advice of qualified doctors and without any profit      motive.
 12.To impart and develop social awareness among the illiterate women and men by organizing awareness camps.
 13.To maintain sanitation programme, forestry programme etc. for development and protection of environment.
 14.To open charitable dispensaries, child clinic, and mobile unit of medical for the old, etc. with the help of qualified doctors and without profit motive.
 15.To establish and maintain charitable hospitals with all modern facilities with the help of qualified doctors and without profit motive.
 16.To organize self-help groups for the educated youths and women of the backward class people.
 17.To help the needy people in marriage, funeral and cremation of the dead.
 18.To arrange and organize ambulance for rendering free services to needy patients.
 19.To establish and maintain a Computer Education Centre for the purpose of education on computer science among the interested persons by the qualified teachers.
 20.To arrange for the training of the S.C., S.T., O.B.C. and women for development and self employment.
 21.To arrange and organize sports competitions, physical exercise among the members and children through indoor and outdoor games.
 22.To organize and train for self-establishment of SC, ST, OBC and other backward classes women by establishing handicraft units, agricultural schemes, etc.


Nirmala Samaj Kalyan Sangstha. The Society Registered Under Societies Registration Act, 1961 West Bengal (Reg. No. – S/1L/21730, Dated: 17/05/2004) and National Registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 (Reg. No. – S/61542, Dated: 14/03/2008).