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Secretary Desk

It is the introducing, by preliminary remarks, the organization named “NIRMALA SAMAJ KALYAN SANGSTHA”. The founder Secretary dreamt about such a “Sonar Bangla” which would dictate with entire India in the future and for this beloved “Bangla” should have a very strong social and economic structure and should have communal harmony and integration. He thinks that if the organization can raise the status and standard of the common people of West Bengal, the organization could reach its mission, its work as an organization. Now it is becoming national wide engaged in various social uplifting deeds. Our primary activities include:

1. Distributing clothes, blankets, books, pens, and other useful resources to poor people and students.
2. Free Medical camp, Health Check-up camp, Mother and Child health camp.
3. Literacy program, Women Awareness camp, Women education camp, Handicraft training, School forming.
4. Ambulance project throughout all backward areas of West Bengal.
5. Village road construction with bricks and morals etc.

With its own abilities, “NIRMALA SAMAJ KALYAN SANGSTHA” got the responsibility to implement these programs in West Bengal. Since then the organization is toiling very hard to materialize the dream of Mr. Ashis Chakraborty, the Founder Secretary of the Sangstha.


Nirmala Samaj Kalyan Sangstha. The Society Registered Under Societies Registration Act, 1961 West Bengal (Reg. No. – S/1L/21730, Dated: 17/05/2004) and National Registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 (Reg. No. – S/61542, Dated: 14/03/2008).